Elizabeth Arden Pine

Elizabeth Arden’s Smoky Eyes Powder Pencil in Pine was among the first eyeliners I bought for myself after I stopped relying on the ones given in GWPs. I was going to aim for black because you can almost never go wrong with black when the SA (whom I’ve known for a long time since she’s known me since my first makeover through my mother) suggested Pine, a charcoal gray with deep green tinge when the light hits it just right. It’s less harsh than black but still dark enough to make the eyes pop.

As you can see, Pine is on its last rungs of life. I predict I have maybe a sharpen or two left before I am done. Towards the end when I was pushing the pencil into the sharpener, the smudge brush started pulling out a bit. I’ve removed it now to get a better grip on the pencil to sharpen and will probably attach the smudge brush to something else to be used on its own.

It is one of the softest eye pencils I’ve ever used, no tugging required. However, the only drawback I’ve found is that it smudges very easily. If you’re hoping for a sharply defined eyeliner, this is not the eyeliner for you. I mostly use it for smoky eyes or as a base for blending in other colours for a smoky look or otherwise.