Tailleur Bar, Now and Then

Before I start, let me state again that I am most definitely a Dior girl at heart. This was the beauty brand that I discovered on my own and although I explore other brands, I always come back to Dior. Browsing Tumblr earlier, I found this little jewel and wondered if Dior Beauty was losing its creativity:

Now where have I seen this before? Oh wait:

Dior Tailleur Bar Palette

It wouldn’t have been so bad if they had the woman in a different position but to use the same cast and mould seems a bit on the cheap and uninspired side. Even the colours haven’t changed much. If they wanted to use the same mould, it might have been fine if they used it a few years down the road rather than two years later.  Last time around, this palette was available in Europe first in the spring before being available on North American shores during the summer in a set with the Dior Rouge Serum in Pearly Pink. Currently, the new palette, on its own, is available at Saks for $75.00, in numbered limited editions complete with the white pebbled box for the summer.

Given that this is practically the fraternal twin of the original, I am debating on whether to purchase this if it does happen to cross the Canadian border.

EDIT: I have the colour listing. The original 2010 one came with Blissful Pink, Whisper Grey, Anthracite Black, Storm Blue and Dawn Grey. The 2012 one comes with Dawn Grey, Sand Beige, Whisper Grey, Blissful Pink and Anthracite Black. Two years and only one colour difference. If you have the original and find that you’re using some colours faster than others, this is a good way of evening it out by getting the second palette. If you were expecting something different, you’re only getting the slightest of a variation.


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